Keeping Your Dancer Engaged at Home

Stage Door School of Dance is an incredible dance studio on Long Island, with a long history of providing professional and high-quality training in a variety of disciplines. As parents, it can be hard to stay engaged in your child’s dance class from the lobby. But we get it, it’s important to ensure that they are making the most out of your financial investment. To help keep your dancer interested and dedicated to their training, here are some tips for parents.

Firstly, try to get involved in your child’s dance education as much as you can from their perspective. Ask questions about the technique or their progress and encourage them to strive for excellence. Helping them set goals and then celebrating those successes with them will foster a positive atmosphere around their dancing that will keep them motivated. Furthermore, ask what they want out of the classes – do they want to become a professional dancer? Would they like to join a dance company? Knowing what goal they’re striving towards will help you both work together towards it.

Next, make sure your child is truly taking breaks from dancing when outside of the studio to help avoid burnout. While we love it when our dancers rehearse and practice at home, there is always room to take a breather. Stage Door offers several week long breaks throughout the year for our dancers to get rest and have fun just being a kid! Dancing can be physically demanding and it’s important that dancers have time away from it to rest and relax otherwise there may be frustration or exhaustion associated with classes.

Having the proper attire for each style of dance is also essential; if your dancer does not feel comfortable in his/her outfit then this could lead to stress during class which might cause less focus on technique or choreography.

Finally, take advantage of any extra opportunities Stage Door offers its students such as our guest artist workshops with some of NYC’s most celebrated dancers and Broadway veterans. These kinds of events show dedication, introduces new dance concepts, and engages them with world class performers,  all while also offering a sense accomplishment after all the hard work put into learning the skill set required for each discipline. Additionally, Stage Door School of Dance also offers private lessons outside regular class hours which could be beneficial in furthering technical ability enabling and gaining confidence in their work before our end of year recital.

In summary, supporting our dancer’s dreams can be nuanced and tricky, but  rewarding at the same time! By staying involved with your dancer’s progress, setting achievable goals together, giving them regular breaks from practice and taking advantage of any extras offered through Stage Door School of Dance we can ensure that neither time nor money are wasted on our dancer’s development!

Learn more about our classes currently enrolling, our Summer 2023 classes, our free trials and more by visiting stagedoordancer.com, today.

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