Youth and Teen Dance

Let us teach your dancer the skills, the artform, and the love of the dance
Youth and Teen Dance Classes Long Island, NY
If you or your dancer are between the ages of 5 years old -17 years old, Stage Door’s Youth and Teen dance classes offer the widest range of dance opportunities!

While classes continue to be dance informative while fun, we develop each class structure and curriculum based on dancer age level. We understand that with each age group comes a different scope of physical, emotional, and learning skills.

With these focuses in mind we develop a dance class that is perfectly suited for each age group, leaving students with a strong understanding of discipline, focus, community, commitment, self-expression, and more, all while dancing to their favorite music with new friends.

Fall & Spring 2022-2023 Youth & Teen Classes

Summer 2023 Youth & Teen Classes

*Summer 2023 enrolling soon. Classes begin July 10, 2023.