Start Your Dancer’s Journey with Ballet

Ballet is the most fundamental form of dance, and at Stage Door School of Dance, we believe that it should be the foundation of any dancer’s training. We have been sharing our passion for dance with students on Long Island for over 47 years, and during that time we have seen firsthand how foundational ballet classes can set a dancer up for success in other genres.

It is no secret that ballet is incredibly difficult to master; however, this is what makes it so important for dancers to start their training with it. There are many benefits to having a strong ballet background. Ballet encourages proper alignment and posture, which helps to create a graceful stage presence and improve overall performance quality. Additionally, having a deep understanding of ballet technique provides dancers with an excellent base upon which they can build their skills in other genres. Many styles of jazz or hip hop require knowledge of turns and jumps, which are common elements in ballet class.

At Stage Door School of Dance, we focus on proper technique while still encouraging creativity during our classes. Our instructors recognize that each student learns differently and teach accordingly. For example, younger dancers may benefit from visual cues such as games or activities to help them learn the steps more quickly; whereas older students may need verbal instruction along with written exercises to remember certain moves or formations. Regardless of age group, learning proper technique from the beginning sets them up for success later in their career as a dancer.

In addition to teaching correct form, taking ballet classes also helps improve strength and flexibility throughout the body. A study published by The International Journal Of Sports Physical Therapy found that regular participation in classical dance improved joint range of motion substantially more than any other type of exercise (Gomes et al., 2013). This increased flexibility gives dancers more options when they are performing tricks or lifts due to improved range of motion around joints like ankles and hips (Gomes et al., 2013). It also allows them to show off complex steps without injuring themselves due to over stretching muscles or ligaments (Gomes et al., 2013).

Finally, when you come into one of our studios here at Stage Door School of Dance you will find an environment that is both fun and supportive. Our instructors take the time to get to know each student individually so they can best help them reach their goals—no matter what level they are at! With all these advantages taken together, it’s easy to understand why so many parents choose us first when enrolling their children in dance classes for the very first time—and why we recommend starting with a solid foundation in ballet!

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