Turn It Up Dance Challenge 2022

Congratulations, SDSD Elite Company, Select Program Dancers, Soloists, and Small Group Dancers for yet another successful Turn It Up Dance Challenge Competition. We are always #SDSDproud of your hard work, your passion, your grace, but most importantly, YOU!

As always, thank you for always representing @StageDoorDancer with dignity, and pride.

Turn it Up Dance Challenge Results
Red Line
  • Red Tap, Queen B – Platinum Pro, 1st overall, People’s Choice, Most Entertaining, Fabulous Formations
  • Red Jazz, The Line – High Platinum, 2nd overall, Cutting Edge – Use of Prop
  • Red Modern, A Little Closer – High Platinum
  • Red Lyrical, Natural Woman – High Platinum, 5th overall
  • Red Hip Hop, Problema – Platinum
Orange Line
  • Orange Tap, Keep your head up – Platinum Pro and 1st place 
  • Orange Jazz, Billie – High Platinum and 5th place
  • Yellow/Orange Modern, Run Like a River – High Platinum and 1st place
  • Yellow/Orange Lyrical, Undertow – High Platinum and 5th place
  • Yellow/Orange Hip Hop, Dawop – High Platinum and 4th place
Yellow Line
  • Yellow Tap, Paradise – High Platinum 
  • Yellow Jazz, Beggin – Platinum 
Green Line
  • Green Tap, Moses Supposes – High Platinum, 1st Place
  • Green Jazz, Run – Platinum
  • Blue/Green Modern, Cloudy Day – Platinum
  • Blue/Green Lyrical, Stars – Platinum
  • Blue/Green Hip Hop, Get Low – Platinum, 3rd Place
Blue Line
  • Blue Tap, Show Off  – Platinum
  • Blue Jazz, No Bad News – High Platinum, 5th Place, Character Award
Elite Production, In The Heights – High Platinum and 2nd place
Red Line Small Groups
  • Wolves Modern Quintet, High Platinum 
  • This Is Our Time Tap Quintet, Radical Rhythms Special Award High Platinum, 2nd Place
  • Fly Away Tap Quintet, High Platinum, 3rd Place
  • Hold On To Me Contemporary Duo, Flexible Fantastic Feet Special Award, High Platinum
  • Got It In Modern Duo, High Platinum
  • Change is Everything Lyrical Duo, High Platinum 
  • Ending Lyrical Duo, High Platinum
  • Can’t Pretend Open Solo, Platinum
  • Fabulous Feet Tap Solo, High Platinum
  • Thataway Tap Solo, High Platinum
  • Good N’ Evil Musical Theater Solo, High Platinum
  • Eye of the Tiger Contemporary Solo, High Platinum
  • Always Remember Us This Way Lyrical Solo, High Platinum
  • Legend Jazz Solo, High Platinum
  • Someone To You Tap Solo, High Platinum
  • Angel By The Wings Modern Solo, High Platinum
  • Control Modern Solo, High Platinum
  • Hit Me With a Hot Note Jazz Solo, High Platinum, 4th Place
  • Too Darn Hot Musical Theater Solo, Platinum Pro, 4th Place
  • Midnight Tap Solo, Platinum Pro, 2nd Place
  • Scream Jazz Solo, Platinum Pro 1st Place
Orange Line Small Groups
  • Faith Tap Trio, High Platinum, 5th Place
  • Where We Come Alive Modern Trio, High Platinum, 3rd Place
  • Bye Bye Blackbird Tap Quintet, High Platinum, 1st Place
  • Anything Could Happen Modern Duo, Platinum
  • 20th Century Fox Mambo Musical Theater Solo, Platinum 
  • Feeling Good Jazz Solo, Platinum
  • Best Friend Musical Theater Duet, Platinum 
  • Make It Look Easy Jazz Duo, Platinum 
  • Ain’t Been Done Jazz Duo, Platinum 
  • Breath of Life Jazz Duo, Platinum 
  • Breathe Jazz Solo, Platinum 
  • Lifted Modern Solo, Platinum
  • Solitary Lyrical Solo, Platinum
  • A New Generation Modern Solo, Platinum
  • I’d Rather Be Me Musical Theater Solo, High Platinum
Yellow Line Small Groups
  • A Place with No Name Jazz Solo, High Gold
  • Human Lyrical Solo, Platinum
  • Take on the World Lyrical Duo, Platinum 
  • Bang Jazz Solo, Platinum 
  • Play That Sax Jazz Trio, Platinum and 5th Place
  • Bang Bang Jazz Solo, Platinum and 9th Place
  • Feel the Power Jazz Duo, Platinum 
  • Coffee in a Cardboard Cup Musical Theater Quartet, Platinum 
  • On Broadway Musical Theater Duo, Platinum and 2nd Place
  • Run Wild Contemporary Solo, Platinum 
  • Respect Tap Solo, Platinum 
  • In My Blood Lyrical Duo, Platinum 
Green Line Small Groups
  • All I Know Lyrical Solo, Platinum, 5th Place Overall, Powerhouse Award
  • Little Voice Lyrical Solo, High Gold
Blue Line Small Groups
  • Pull of the Moon Lyrical Duo, Platinum
  • Piano Jazz Trio, High Gold
  • Peanut Butter Jelly Jazz Duo, High Gold
  • Shooting Star Lyrical Duo, High Gold
  • Covergirl Jazz Quintet, Platinum
  • Think Jazz Quintet, Platinum, 1st Place
  • Freedom Sextet Tap, Platinum, 1st Place
Select Company
  • Uptown Tap, How Sweet It Is, Platinum, 2nd Place
  • Uptown Jazz, So Good, Platinum, 3rd Place
  • Downtown Tap, Crowd Go Crazy, High Gold
  • Downtown Jazz, Downtown Boogie, High Gold
Select Small Groups
  • I Got The Music in Me Jazz Sextet, High Gold
  • My Strongest Suit Jazz Sextet, High Gold


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