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Develop your physical, social, and emotional skills while building a more confident you through dance!

Stage Door School of Dance is excited to introduce our brand new special offer, our ‘7 Days for $7 Dance Pass’.

What’s included:

  • Dancers of any age may attend any of our designated classes and as many as they wish for the entire week of August 1-8, for only $7!
  • The ‘7 Days for $7 Dance Pass’ may only be purchased three times a year;  1 between September-January, 1 between February-June, and 1 per July & August.
Complete the following form to request your pass today.
Find the list of designated classes to choose from in the form below.

Select Your Classes

Please review list of classes below and indicate which you wish for your dancer to attend. There is no limit to the number of classes you may select. Please note that Stage Door School of Dance is closed on Fridays and Sundays, and due to our limited summer class offerings there are not classes available each day for every age grouping. If you to attend only one class, we recommend booking a one class Free Trial, as opposed to the dance pass. Thank you!
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