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Hello Elite Company Families:

First and foremost, we are so excited to welcome our Elite Company students back to the studio this evening and back to the thing you all love most, dance class!!

Second, we have been getting feedback from some families this week on the new fee structure and want to hear from all of you before we make any new decisions.

We know that this economic climate has been challenging for everyone and we want to do everything we can to help and also return the focus back to our incredible dance program and classes.

Please complete our survey below in the next 24hrs so we may include your feedback in our discussions. Thank you!
Competitions: Would dropping one of the competitions this year and participating in 3 instead of 4 be something you would want to consider to reduce fees?(Required)
Elite Company Fee: Would reducing the Elite Company Fee for items such as the recital shirt (4th of July parade) and master classes be something you are interested in?(Required)
Company and Competition Fee: Autocharge on the 20th: Would changing to 2 bulk payments, 1 due on 1/15/23 and 1 due on 4/15/23, to allow our families flexibility and freedom in making these payments be an option you would prefer?(Required)
No Change: Are you happy with the new budgeted billing and would be fine with no changes?(Required)