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Stage Door School of Dance is thrilled to be returning to The Staller Center for the Performing Arts, (located on the Stony Brook University campus) for our Recital 2022, “There’s No Place Like Home” from June 10 – 12.

The studio is alive with excitement and in full recital preparation mode. In order to put on the best recital experience for the dancers and the audience we rely on our parents to lend a helping hand backstage.

So, if you are new to Stage Door, are returning but have not experienced a Staller Center recital, or are a seasoned recital veteran please consider completing the form and assisting Stage Door in putting on the  #BestShowEver!

Before signing up, please note the following: Volunteers are asked to sign in one hour before show time and sign out once all the dancers have been collected by their parent from the stage. Anyone who volunteers for 2 or more shows will receive a complimentary 2022 Stage Door Recital T-Shirt after they sign out from their 2nd show.

Your support will is greatly appreciated.

Thank you to all who have volunteered to assist us at Recital 2022! At this time we only have a need for volunteers for our Sunday, June 12 performance at 4pm. If you wish to volunteer for this performance, please contact
Thank you, everyone!

Recital Volunteer FAQ

Yes, you will be permitted to take a moment from your volunteering duties to watch each of your dancer’s recital numbers from backstage. 

You are required to arrive 1 hour before the show begins. There are several stations one can be assigned to…a parent at their dancer’s table (if the dancer is in 1 routine), a runner, a costume changer, a hair changer. If assigned to a specific class you are required to stay with the class until the last dancer is picked up.

Nothing but yourself. No other children will be allowed backstage with you if they are not a dancer in that recital. We will have coloring books and crayons available, as well as a live broadcast of the show in the backstage area. Wear comfortable shoes (sneakers), jeans and a black shirt. Water and some pretzels are always a good go to and also all that the Staller Center allows in the backstage area.

You will be asked to take attendance from a roster that is provided for you. You will be asked to keep the children in sight, safe, and well behaved. You will be asked to assist any dancer in the class you are assigned to, not just your own child. This could mean fixing a shoe, finding a glove, pinning a hair piece, helping them travel to their next table if they are in multiple classes. You will be asked to escort the class to and from the stage for their dance routine and the finale. You will be asked to remain on stage with the class until the last dancer is picked up.


No, as you will never be seated in the audience.

If you have additional questions before signing up to help at a recital please email